Marilyn Minter Art That Dazzles

Apr 7, 2013 | Life With Art

marilyn minter painting

Its not a secret that I am a super-fan of Marilyn Minter.  Her splashy, hyper-colored, ultra-sexy photographs have long been a staple in my visual inspiration files…And now, her photo realistic, wildly dazzling paintings that seem shattered are the next level in my Marilyn Minter love.  Here are a few snaps from a very busy opening last night at Regen Projects in Los Angeles.  I had to struggle to get a clear shot, yet it was so worth it!!! These are snippets of far more elaborate and gleaming (and giant) pieces that I had to share!

marilyn minter shoes

This is the quintessential Minter photo of heels splashing in a puddle, taken ten steps further.  I couldn’t look away.

marilyn minter

A portrait like this is chilling but so tangible.

marilyn minter

As my gifted curator friend said, “I can look at these again and again and see something new each time.”  That is the type of complexity that makes me feel invested in visual art.

marilyn minter

The drippy, swirly flow of energy across the surface that was made to behave like glass… what a multi-sensory high!

Great art can present ideas and emotions that you can’t even begin to verbalize without sounding academic and snoozy. You need to experience it! While online you can see amazing inspiration, open your door and engage in the art of nature, your local art scene or the making of art…or all three!  It will expand the scope of your thinking far beyond the usual. These Minters helped me understand what created luminosity in a new way, through water… or faux water!…and sleek surfaces mixed with sleek ideas on sleek material (all painted on aluminum!)…  Oh so good!

If you are in LA, you can catch the Marilyn Minter exhibition at Regen Projects through May 11th, 2013, 6750 Santa Monicsa Boulevard, LA, CA 90038.  xoxo Dana


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