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Apr 8, 2013 | Home Style

DIY dresser


Dressers and chests of drawers are essential, but they are not always beautiful.  Due to the general size and function of a dresser, it is hard to imagine camouflaging it in a home.  Chances are, it will always be prominent in a room, so why not make it extraordinary and personalized?!  Here are a few lovely DIY dresser ideas to inspire you to turn that old or unattractive dresser into something awesome!

striped dresser

A Girl And A Brush created a nautical striped dresser that is an instant classic.  The navy and white stripes, just like in your own wardrobe, mix with just about anything color-wise! THIS is a great DIY for a Goodwill furniture find.

ombre dresser

House & Home’s ombre dresser makeover is a snap to do on a very simple dresser (IKEA hackers, this is an easy breezy one!) but the gradient of color creates a spectacular effect.

warhol dresser

Home To Decor presented this fabulous “pop art” dresser covered in a Warhol flower poster.  HGTV has extremely easy instructions right HERE to create this out of any poster you’d like!

You don’t have to be a crafty wizard to personalize old furniture and make it something fresh and new.  A few extra tips for success:

Pick a series of dry weather days (humidity and rain make a simple project never-ending because the paint & glue don’t quite dry properly!), move your piece into a well-ventilated area and I always suggest protective goggles- a few dollars at the hardware store but well worth it when dealing with sanding and spraying and the like.

Happy dresser remixing! xoxo Dana


  1. Q

    These are very pretty! My grandmother gave me her old set of dressers and they were just kind of blah, but with a couple coats of shiny black paint and some silver spray paint on the handles and they now fit right in with our space. Not as crafty as the options you posted, but it’s just enough to breathe new life into them. I also think the process of thoroughly cleaning the furniture before painting was a good way to clear the old energy attached to them, and the new paint infused our own intentions into the pieces.

  2. donna

    Love these! Especially the gradiet color piece. I been considering doing mine, and I think you’ve just pushed me over the “do it” edge. Thanks!


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