Pink & Yellow At Home!

Apr 9, 2013 | Home Style

pink yellow interior


Pink and Yellow: its a smart combination of springy color year-round that pops with style at home.  If you are looking to doll up a white space, make vintage look new or create a sweet yet edgy combination of fire and substance, the pink & yellow home decor mix might be just perfect for you!


What about a little neon to modernize a little Mid Century? Pink happens to be the color of sweetness, it has the motivational quality of fire…but in bubblegum shades it can actual calm and almost tranquilize! Yellow is a sun-shining earth tone resonant with golden good health, substance and warmth.  Together the combination creates a nice flow of resplendence.



If you’d like to try out the combo, why not test it with a remake of your backyard furniture and some yellow decor accents to bring the sunshine every day!?

pink and yellow decor


This very lovely lemon and hot pink combination has a juicy emotional impact, like a huge smile.

yellow pillows

A softer accent of sherbet yellow on a pink sofa is a crisp classic.

vintage pink_yellow


If you happen to be the owner of some golden vintage chairs or a sofa (these remind me of my grandma!) you can make them “new” again with a clever fiery, modern watermelon wall against which they gleam.

I am all about experimenting and thinking outside of the box of what we immediately think can be done, and when you expand your range of color you can expand the boundaries of your space on every level!  Have fun! xoxo Dana


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