Washi Tape Love!

Apr 9, 2013 | Creativity

washi tape project


I love washi tape for so many reasons!  First of all, the origin of washi tape is Japan, making  it an immediate hit in my book.  There are endless colors and styles of washi- more and more crop up all the time! Washi is reusable in many circumstances… you can write on most effortlessly… and its GORGEOUS! Look at the clever”frames” made with washi tape above! Pretty cool, no?

gift tags washi


You can make groovy gift tags with some sliced up washi. Same with greeting cards!

washi tape

You can get washi on Etsy as well as many other places!

washi tape pots


Those cheap unglazed clay pots from the hardware store look super-special with a little washi.

washi eggs


Washi eggs are not just for Easter  they are an anytime fun project, perfect for scraps of tape. Hard boil your eggs and cool them off first!



Personally I adore tape collages of all kinds, and washi collages have another dimension of communication.  Perfect for a journal or a scrapbook, there’s a punctuation mark of uniqueness to the tape that is hard to ignore. Also, its awesome to stick pictures into a scrapbook.

If you are a washi lover, A Night Owl has a roundup of 100 projects with washi tape. That should take a while to work your way through, and they are so simple and effective at creating beauty simply! xoxo Dana



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