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Apr 10, 2013 | Home Style

violet pillows


Violet and Grey: the combination of ethereal and sensible, cosmic and methodical, that balances in both meaning and style as all good color combinations should!  Violet adds sensual fire and emotion into steely spaces.  Grey adds precision and sensibility to the airy quality of violet. I am on quite a color streak these days, specifically aiming for the unusual combinations that are easy to achieve in any home, and violet & grey are a winner!

violet walls


While too much violet on walls can be sickening (literally!), a careful mix of violets and steels can shine with sophistication.


To reverse the formula, here deeper violet adds visual interest and fire to very blacked out charcoal grey walls.



When you are working with any color in intensity, mixing up materials can make things more balanced and inviting.  Glass, ceramic, ultra-suede, velvet… all work together to elevate ultra-violet to a more livable hue.

violet walls


This violet and grey mix is everyday royalty in my opinion. the barely grey walls and the fabulously plush chase accented by more metal… simple and divine!


  1. arwa

    LOVE this color combo!!! I think I found my new fave- need to keep this in mind for when I get my own office- feel like it would lend some sophistication/ comfort to a psychotherapy office 🙂

  2. Kristin

    Ha I actually clicked on to your blog to see what you thought of purple and gray together and it was right at the top of the home section! So excited to decorate!


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