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Apr 11, 2013 | Uncategorized

nursery flowers

From floral shopping to a haircut and even new, fancy pillows that have revolutionized my sleep, this week’s Instagram is all about beautifying goodies!

Might as well kick it off my saying that I shot an amazing little filmed “thing” this weekend starring lots of flowers from Home Depot of all places.  I hope I get to show what I did to all of you soon.  Needless to say, the filmed thing required lots of goodies to make it really pop. When in a time crunch, the local hardware super-store can provide plenty of plants!

aveda rose oil


Got a pretty serious haircut at Planet Salon in Beverly Hills, and the first highlight (prior to the cut by Casey, which rocked, and I was extremely nervous since my genous stylist has retired!) was this awesome scalp massage with rose and ylang ylang rich oil.  Oh, they massage your neck too. And its pretty fabulous.  Needless to say, I want this oil- or my own version, for a weekly massage!

mother teresaGot some new apps for my phone! I love making posters!!! Beautiful ideas build beautiful lives!!!

Now on the subject of phones, I have never been more excited to get an iPhone 5 and now I’m on the fence about a DSLR camera.  The new iPhone is pretty good, I’m told, at taking pictures.  What do you think….is it worth my going DSLR? Perhaps, yes. Maybe not? I’d love your feedback. Its for all the home projects, art goodies, food and beauty stuff I’m cooking up… so… what do you think?

sleep_numberA real review is coming soon, but man am I excited about the pillows that Sleep Number sent me to try!  If my sleep continues to be remarkably better- (I’m going to trade back to my old pillow to cross test )- I will be their #1 advocate!



My sister got a huge box of Lush as a birthday present, and I inherited the Bath Bombs! They literally perfume the entire house! I am so excited to try them, and even more excited to attempt to make a version sans-food-coloring!  🙂 Food colored or not, I love Lush! Yay!

Soooo much fun stuff coming on Instagram as I prepare to move into a new place and live demo the entire home, project by project, idea by feng shui’d design idea!  Hit me up on Instagram HERE and I’ll follow you back to watch your life unfold in pictures, too! xoxo Dana



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