Wildly Gorgeous Ombre Decor & Inspiration!

Apr 12, 2013 | Home Style

red ombre pillows


Ombre feels like a color trance to me in the best possible way.  There is something immensely delightful about gradually sliding into intense color, or moving between several tones in a gradation, that is lyrical. The rather rare appearance of ombre in home decor makes it all the more special and attention-fixing!


Ombre curtains are richly weighted at their tips with saturated color. This is a great trick to make very flimsy curtains feel and look much more substantial.

ombre pathway

An ombre pathway pulls you down it almost unwittingly.  If its made of rose petals, well…all the better!



Here’s a very stylish solution to an ugly or too-obvious stairway!

ombre tablecloth

Dip dye a tablecloth on one end to create the most room-changing effect. This muslin cloth probably costs dollars and is the one thing that “makes” this room happen!

ombre art


And… ombre art ALWAYS works! I’m telling you, it can be the most basic canvas painted ombre tones and you just can’t look away!  (or at least I can’t!)

Some color-aspiration for the day!  xoxo Dana


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