6 Artists I Just Discovered In Full & Dazzling Color!

Apr 16, 2013 | Life With Art

mark lovejoy

(Mark Lovejoy)

Great art pulls me out of my daily life and into a whole new frame of reference.  Add intense color and the experience of awesome art can be a phase-shift for my brain, body and spirit.  Works like Mark Lovejoy’s awesome swirls are a gleaming tactile fun-house of color and depth that act as a “restart” button for my imagination.  Here are 5 more artists I newly-love, who, like Lovejoy, spin some fantasy and passion into my life with color.


(Eric Cahan)

Eric Cahan washes color over landscapes into intoxicating gradients.

diem chau

(Diem Chau)

My favorite kiddie (and adult) crayons are given a delicate and exacting makeover by Diem Chau. 


(Ana Teresa Barboza)

Needlepoint is given a narrative by Ana Teresa Barboza.


(Daniel Firman) 

We all know how much I love color wheels and kaleidoscopes, and in neon all the more. Add in a bit of bendy tubing and the hard lines become soft, fragile and pliable.

jung lee

Lee Jung’s landscapes with neon text are hauntingly poignant, and richly vibrant in both meaning and material.

Live with more art. Touch it when you can. Stare at it.  Make it. Buy it. Experience it.  Its beautiful magic! xoxo Dana


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