Multicolored Chairs & Good Vibes!

Apr 16, 2013 | Home Style


Sometimes to create interest and a spark in a home, you need to think outside of the box.  While it might not seem intuitive to stack a table with different colored chairs, the effect can be  brightening, visually captivating and energetically uplifting. Here’s a little design inspiration to get you designing freshly with a mix of colored chairs!

painted chairs


Can you imagine how one-note this room would be with regular chairs?

multicolored chairs

The simple alternation of color creates rhythm and wild impact…

color blocking


This color-blocked room is peppered with bright pops of delight that keep the space engaging and energizing.

colored vintage chairs


Casual chic is lifted to a new level with multicolored vintage pastels.

multicolored chairs


Its a lot of bang for your decor buck to simply pick different colored chairs for a room.  An office is a great place to implement this.  A casual dining area is, too.  Some decor inspiration for our day!

ALSO: This article I wrote on feng shui and rainbows for Mind Body Green explains in more depth the idea of adding a color spectrum to your home in feng shui terms if you want to dig deeper into the rainbow of possibility! xoxo Dana

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