Crystal Chandeliers To Elevate Interiors

Apr 17, 2013 | Home Style


If you want to light the average, dark, uninteresting or otherwise too rustic space up a ton, add a voluminous crystal chandelier for instant transformation.  If you are willing to do the hunting and put in the man hours to repair, you can find deals on even the most elaborate of these lights. Here is a little round-up of my favorite energy-inducing uses for the crystal chandelier, as well as a few tricks to placing them well!

crystal chandelier


If you hang a chandelier in a beamed room, you can lessen some of the “oppression” caused by the beams, as one’s eye is pulled toward the gleaming crystal that shoots twinkling brightness into the space.


I prefer chandeliers in areas that you do not walk directly under.  In a foyer, it works best to have a table under your huge chandelier.  This is an addictive thing to come home to, trust me…its why I’m having such a hard time finding a place to move…I love coming home to chandeliers and they are hard to find in lobbies!

crystal chandelier


A relatively standard, “no-frills” space can come to life with a unique chandelier, adding gravity, focus and visual delight.


(Architectural Digest)

In the vein of unusual, rustic and delightful, Gerard Butler’s kitchen in Architectural Digest is a study in farmhouse glamour. Without the twinkling brightness of crystal, this room would feel unfinished, and the wood posts would be disruptive. With it, the space shines.

Home energy inspiration for the day! xoxo Dana


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