DIY Aromatherapy Scalp Massage!

Apr 18, 2013 | The Beautiful

diy scalp massage


Scalp massages are so luxurious… and so simple to pull off at home.

Not only are they relaxing and balancing to your body in an energetic sense, a great scalp massage weekly with awesome oils can help nourish your hair follicles (the spaces in your scalp from which your hair grow) and can stimulate hair growth.

This little beautiful habit of the week can increase blood flow to the scalp, blanket you in some delicious aromatherapy and-  overall-  help you feel more cared for.

That’s well worth the effort in and of itself!

Another bonus: some say that scalp massage can also slow down graying hair!

OK, let’s get to it!
complex 5I lost my hair – 80% of it- three months after a huge shock rocked my life. Totally flipped out and not sure what I could do to fix it- ever- I discovered this hair oil from Rene Furterer, Complex 5, which smells intensely of citrus, and feels like warm heat when you massage it into your scalp.  Twice a week I would massage it in and leave it overnight. My hair grew back in lightning speed.  I still use it now, weekly, to tone my scalp.
I only leave it in a few hours now, not half a day, but the results are still profound.
Since that time, I’ve taken to massage with other essential oils mixed into carrier oils…a “root food” type of routine that I feel keeps my hair growing fast and strong.
To make this ritual more luscious, set the mood:
You can burn a candle or some incense, play some watery music and do some deep breathing.
Now, lets get the actual massage under way.
DIY Scalp Massage
1. First, pick your oil for a massage. I like coconut oil: it’s light, its easy to find and smells divine.  Jojoba oil is also very popular.  You can assess the pro’s and con’s of carrier oils for scalp massage right HERE.
2. Pick your aromatherapy potion if you so choose.  Some people swear by eucalyptus oil to strengthen hair.
My favorites are:
Lavender + Rosemary: I swear by a combo of lavender and rosemary oils, about two drops of each in a generous palm full of oil. (* some people add thyme oil to this blend and say in full it stimulates hair growth, but thyme is not my favorite!).
Jasmine: This essential oil is thought to make hair thicker, and it’s a natural anti-depressant at the same time.
Note:  please patch test them for allergies and reactions before covering your scalp in essential oils.
Unscented oil: You can skip the essential oils if you choose for now.  You can try jojoba oil, coconut oil, black castor oil or another oil of your choosing and let that oil do it’s nourishment all on it’s own!
hair grow potion
For longer, stronger hair, you can try my hair-growth oil mix right HERE! 
3. I brush through my hair before I begin to avoid huge knots.  Detangle as necessary. I do this oil massage on dry hair, because oil & water don’t mix well!
4. Add a small bit oil (with or without the aromatherapy added)  and rub it between your hands hands to warm it.  Use your fingertips to massage in circles, gently (no fingernails on scalp- only pads of fingers), adding a touch more oil as you go.
The idea is not to soak your hair in oil- use just enough to cover the scalp well, picturing it soaking in and feeding your shiny, healthy hair.
5. Massage for about 2 minutes, then shampoo out. If you want to let it penetrate deeper, you can, but I only do this without essential oils- just with straight oil.  When I have time I’ll massage in the oil in the morning and rinse it out before I have to get ready to leave the house.
Remember: you can always massage your neck and shoulders in the process!
Also, if you are using aromatherapy, hold your oil coated palms a few inches from your face and take several deep breaths of the oil blend before you begin the massage- or after the massage- or both times!


xoxo Dana


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