Posh Paper Lantern Projects

Apr 19, 2013 | Home Style

paper lanterns


Paper lanterns are hardly a main source of lighting- you can only really create a soft glow- but yet they add a sculptural, ethereal, magical awesomeness to a room…or even for a party or special event!  Here are a few fabulous DIY’s to elevate your  average paper lantern to awesomeness.

diy paper lanterns

 Add tissue paper.  Martha Stewart nails this DIY with tissue paper circles affixed with double-sized tape to non-illuminated lanterns for parties.  How gorgeous! You can even hang these as office decor if you are a creative type that needs some fire element to get things rolling.

paper lanterns

Add more substantial  recycled paper.  This project is from Useful DIY and it is useful, indeed!  (***Since it is made with an actual bulb inside of some sort, HERE are the safety precautions I implore you to read before getting started with a light-up paper lamp project. (after all, paper is highly flammable!) )

paper lanterns

And Green Wedding Shoes has paper lanterns that are painted to the next-level.  Totally amazing!

Fast, fun, inexpensive, festive & totally custom: posh paper lanterns are pretty great for space-shifting!  xoxo Dana


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