Basics Of A Balanced Life That Is Exciting!

Apr 20, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

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“Balanced” was the same word as “Boring”in my world for a long time.

Balance is the sexiest quality in the world to me now, as its one of the most rare and actually most luxurious places to live!

After going through the paces of intense highs and then crashing lows in energy, production and socializing, I sought balance in a very un-balanced way.  You know, I thought if I packed my life with every course, every book, every philosophy and every innovative trick that I could find to achieve balance that I would be extremely balanced.

It did not work!

It became a whole new something to obsess about!

But, when I dropped it all and got back to basics, things became smooth and much, much easier.  Balanced.

Balance is brilliant.

element cycle

Welcome to the feng shui five element cycle.  Everything in the world is composed of these five elements (some or all of them) and human beings are composed of all five elements.  Each element has colors, tastes, emotions, energies, tendencies, body organs and even sounds that are associated with it, and each element has a profound affect on the other five.   Nature has a very well-designed  flow: Water feeds seeds, creating trees and plants that are Wood.  Wood builds in abundance and over time will dry.  Sparks in nature (lightning, extreme heat) will set off Fire to burn all that Wood.  When wood burns it creates an ash that  will mix with other organic material to become Earth.  And, over time,  Earth is compressed by the forces of nature to create Metal.  Drops of water condense on Metal to create water from the atmosphere and the cycle begins again.

Of course, we humans have engineered ourselves away from the element cycle.  We no longer sleep when we are tired, eat when we are hungry… very few of us want anything but sunshine even though we need rain, we don’t respect the Earth as much as we should…most of us barely see nature at all in life. Its not sexy to be out-of-whack- its actually stressful, draining and puts a damper on fun.  Balance is freeing and exciting.

Some basics of getting balanced : 

1. eat at regular times- without food the smallest stresses become giant mountains to hurdle and life becomes much more difficult than it needs to be.

2. sleep before midnight whenever possible- your body repairs itself at night. nap if you need to. this life isn’t a race to a finish line.

3. play and work are equally important.

4. breathe more. shallow breaths are commonplace these days. stop and breathe.

5. trade worry for exercise.  worry is inactive, stuck energy.  exercise- even walking slowly- is active presence and motion. walk, run, stretch or otherwise burn off and “unstick” that energy.

6. keep a journal.

7. nature is your friend. find more of it in your life.  animals are great to keep you closer to nature.  plants, trees, organic foods= all nature -driven goodness.

Wishing you balanced, exciting, gorgeous days!  xoxo Dana


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