Feng Shui Q & A : How To Make A Lasting Impression In A Job Interview

Apr 22, 2013 | Prosperity



A reader asked an awesome question. She was wondering if there were things she could do, feng shui or otherwise, to handle the pressure of a big job interview and make an impression. She asked, “During times when ‘all eyes are on you’, how do people like me (a bit more introverted but no where near shy, but just don’t really like being the center of attention type gal) do well in those instances? “

My Answer: 


I learned a big lesson regarding “garnering attention” from a very iconic acting teacher who was quite the superstar-maker.  Bad acting – and superficial living- came from trying to be interesting.  You can always see the disjointed acting performance a mile away- someone who decided to do all sorts of wild things just for the sake of being “interesting.”

Same thing with people who are not really sure of themselves- or perhaps too sure of themselves- their decision to be “interesting” doesn’t really interest many people.  Often we call them desperate or dramatic or the like. Its also not really appealing to try to be interesting.

The solution he offered: Don’t try to be interesting. Be interested. If you are interested in where you are and who you are talking to, people can sense it.  If you are really listening and really communicating based on being interested in who is around you, you will always be most interesting and memorable without having to try. Great art is borne of interest.  Fulfilled people are interested in their lives and the people around them.

The good news: its easy to be interested. Its not a mind game or a faux personality you have to slap on: being interested is awesome.  Not only will things be easier for you, but when you are interested you won’t have regrets because you will be wholly present.

Interested, not interesting. An awesome lesson to learn from a late star-maker and what I can pass on to you today.  You can also look at some fun colors to wear as appropriate in this fashion feng shui article. And you can clear some space in your home to clear your mind more as you prepare.  And… of course, do prepare! Know what you have to give, understand the job you are interviewing for, find out as much as possible about who you are meeting…and you’ll do great!  Rock on with your interviews!  xoxo Dana


  1. Sarah

    Ah, I love it! Thank you so much.

  2. Sarah P | The Travel Spotlight

    Hi dana! Great advice to be “interested”! I certainly could do with this reminder more to really listen to ppl when they talk (instead of thinking 10 steps ahead!)

    I just popped by to say a few things!

    First, I’ve been a HUGE fan since last October! I remember – because we were in the midst of moving & I stumbled upon your blog and promptly fell in love! It’s so pretty & I love your curated collection of design photos!

    Second, I want to thank you – I applied some basic fengshui principles & the bagua map in designing my new desk, new room & the new house and it has worked WONDERS. I’ve been sleeping better, fighting less and it’s even reawakened my desire to write again (I’ve been writing since I was five but had been having a hard time recently). And when I finally got down to getting some “balance” in my bedroom (I bought 2 IKEA lamps!), like you always recommend – it was like a lightbulb went off – within that week, I had a moment of clarity about exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life! I pinned it down to 3 simple words – travel, write & freedom! I feel so at peace now & even family & friends have noticed. It’s been great & I have clarity of purpose now.

    So thanks so much Dana! Please know that what you’re doing is really really awesome & that you’re helping real people all over the world (I’m from Singapore btw!) I’ve listed you as “essential reading” on my blog under “Links”! You don’t have to reciprocrate (that’s not why I wrote!) but I just wanted to show my appreciation & thank you (it’s been a long time coming!). Please rock on!

    • danaclaudat

      Your message made my week Sarah! I am thrilled for you! Thank you so very much for the compliments, the dope feedback and your generosity in sharing! xoxoxo Dana


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