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Apr 22, 2013 | The Beautiful


(Rosemira Organics)

There are many facts about your skin and its care and feeding that I have never heard before meeting Mira Herman, the chiropractor, acupuncturist and artist behind the intensely gorgeous hand-crafted skincare line Rosemira Organics .  Mira has taught me more about skincare than I ever expected to know.  I am so excited to share a chat with Mira filled with eye-opening facts about skincare.  Even if your skin is generally good, as mine is, you have no idea how great it an be when you embrace the beauty that is far beyond skin deep!

Skin is the hardest subject of specialty in Traditional Chinese medicine.  

“No one wants to do skin.” Mira explained.  “Skin involves so much specialty because when an issue rises to the level of skin, typically there are many organs out of balance and other internal factors at play. You can’t just treat the skin, you have to treat the whole body.”

Not everyone will benefit from any skincare in a big way without changing their lifestyle toward more balance.  That includes emotional balance. 

Because Mira is a doctor, she takes a very holistic approach to skincare in total. If you consult with her she will ask you about your habits, your diet and your present skincare regime.  Moreover, she will dive into any emotional events or illnesses that pre-dated a change in your skin’s appearance.  Given that Mira is a doctor, she can understand on a much more elevated plane what is happening beneath the skin’s surface.  Not only should you treat the outside on your sin well, the inside also requires attention.  “I have told people in consultations who were looking for a quick fix to a big skincare issue that I couldn’t help them. No products can 100% resolve a major skin issue without being willing to look at the whole picture.” That said, Mira’s products, being filled with botanical goodies and essential oils, help to achieve greater balance in their regular use, supporting your lifestyle tweaks beautifully.


Aromatherapy will not just change your skin, it will affect you on other, deeper levels. 

Aromatherapy is a way of helping to create balance at deeper levels.  Mira explained that after a health crisis she was left feeling depleted and not as magnetic in a crowd.  When she started experimenting and wearing her own lotions, people said they cold “smell” her in a delicious way and see her radiance from a dramatic place.  “That radiance is real beauty and attractiveness.  Skin is a very important part of showing yourself to the world.”

Different personalities tend to gravitate toward different scent profiles. 

“I can almost tell when I meet someone what scent profiles they will resonate with.” Mira explains. People (like me) tend to look forward to powerful, aromatherapy-enhanced products because they are not just feeding and treating skin on the surface, they are soothing and nourishing on many levels.

Rose is increasingly nourishing to women, especially as we get older. 

Rose tends to be a somewhat magical essential oil and hydrosol (a distillate of flower essence in water, as opposed to oil)  toners, as Mira explained.  “Rose is always best for anti-aging products. The rose is powerful. It is restorative to the mind and spirit as well. ”

body butter

As you use nourishing products, you reach a saturation point where you can scale back on the amount you apply. 

When you are reaching for a natural skin care product, it is likely resonating with you. Her products are of such high energy that they tend to find their “match” with you like an herbalist would find the right tonic for you.  “When the skin gets fed, it will reach a point where it is ,more optimal.  That’s when you need to scale back and use even less product, so it doesn’t sit on your skin in excess,”  Mira told me, as I like to slather on buckets of lotion.  “Too much of anything will not be useful or beneficial.”

Custom skincare treatment is a reality we can all have! 

Mira makes CUSTOM blends (yes, your own private line of skincare) in tandem with a medical intuitive.  For an extra $100 fee at present you can get your own “tailor-made” skincare line (I am doing this!) and just pay the product fees from then on, which blows my mind.  So if you’ve always dreamed of your own private beauty label, its here for you in the most dazzling and energized sense of the word!

You can explore the complete Rosemira Organics line right HERE.  And for product reviews from my favorite celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert, Chantal Moore, read more here!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Makeup Artist Canada

    Wow its a great news for me because this is the first time I found various types of toner made from a rose extract. I am so excited to use that for my skin.


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