8 Steps To Awesome Feng Shui!

Apr 23, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

feng shui 101

Feng shui my way is all about your personal experience of space.  There are amazingly powerful tools and incredible amounts of awesome artistry and sensory goodness to fold into the mix, but these are the basic steps!  Balance, as always, is where its at!

If you want me to walk you through all eight steps in eight weeks, grab my e-book guide to DIY feng shui, Feng Shui 101, right here!  xoxo Dana


  1. lebredonchel

    Hi Dana,

    I’m a french painter and I want to thank you for your site !
    Everyday, I’m waiting your newsletter which make me feel happy, and make sense of my everyday action.
    I was totally stuck in my life and in my creativity, and a few months ago I have applied some of your feng shui ‘ s rules as declutter, balance, personnal quotes and art.
    My life begin to change, my spirit is more clear and I’m reconnecting with my own creativity.
    I’m waiting for your e-book FENG SHUI 101, while waiting for I need help on three critical points :
    – I actually follow a pma with my husband, how can I stimulate my environment and the place of creativity and children
    – I’m sometimes disconnect with my mother but I true love her, how I can strenghened my relationships with her. The place of legacy is actually empty.
    – I wish to strenghened the place of self-empowerment and money, I have put in a miror, plant, red. I was thinking about two images as one of my favorite architect in black and white and another with a beautifull architect’house for my husband in color, but It’s sometimes so difficult to harmonize a place with the aspirations of two parts of a couple.
    Yours truly.

    • danaclaudat

      What a beautiful message!!! thank you!!! i am glad you are finding great inspiration!
      I’m not sure what a PMA is?
      Go through family photos and memorabilia and see if you can capture some of the best moments in your history with your mom- and they don’t need to go in legacy, but they can. Just not in the bedroom 🙂
      And…self empowerment and money are actually related to your whole home. So, don’t get too worried about one area—think about how to get things flowing overall at first!
      xxx Dana


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