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Apr 23, 2013 | Home Style




Twinkling, adding and amplifying light, dazzling, a bit reminiscent of childhood crafts and a bit of a sexy surprise, glitter is always inspiring!  Here are my glittering inspirations for a day with a bit more magic and pizzazz! glitter chevrom

Chevron Canvas Art: Masking tape on a canvas in a V pattern. Paint on (or spray on) some glue, add glitter, seal it all with more glue or spray sealant and, when dry, pull off the tape carefully for some stunning art!

minter glitter

Marilyn Minter takes glitter to its sexiest edge in makeup.


Lily Shop has a simple but oh-so-lovely Mason Jar glitter “dipped” vase project  that is universally workable into most any decor!


Edible golden macarons compliments of Martha Stewart. 

gold glitter feathers

Gold-dipped feathers are awesomeness.  Of course, I prefer synthetic feathers. And the effect is like “gilded nature” which is beautiful.

glitter pears

Edible glitter pears.  While not an everyday situation, a truly memorable one indeed!

And no woman should be without glitter dressIn my opinion, no woman should be without an item of glitter in their closet. Its totally special, timeless and special. Vintage stores are perfect for this.  Be it a glitter purse, top or whole dress, totally divine!

Shine on! And let me know if there’s a glittery something you covet, as its time to round up some feng shui DIY projects for next season!  xoxo Dana



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