How To Make Those New Year Resolutions Stick!

Apr 24, 2013 | Prosperity

 nourish your energy field daily (lalah delia)

We set goals and intentions, create vision boards and get into life planning : do they stick? does it work?

Are you on track this year to accomplish what you decided you wanted to accomplish this year? This month? Today?

If you set “New Year Resolutions-Goals-Intentions” now is a good time make sure you’re set up to win!

If you are not motivated or excited by your intentions- rework them. That need to “work out” might get done if you decide to dive into a really fun sport or alternative form of exercise (surfing is a lot more fun for some  than… say… 30 minutes on the treadmill) and get into that?  Perhaps your desire to write a novel (yes, my friend, you know I am talking to you) would get done on a gradient if you committed to writing a page- one single page- every single day- instead of waiting for the perfect writing class.  Even writing crappy pages will ultimately move you toward the discipline of writing… and out of it may come something very surprising?

If things are not moving fast enough for you, assess your methods.  Maybe its time to get up earlier and work on your paintings so that the day doesn’t encroach upon your creative time? Perhaps you need a specialized teacher or need to hire an expert to get you past the obstacles based on what you simply don’t know?

I tried to build my own website years ago and it’s not really my talent andI was in way over my head. That wasted a good long time before I hired talented people to set it all up.

Make sure you are being constructive.  If your goals and intentions require you to be sleepless, run down or overly imbalanced  (IE: if they leave you single minded, only having one focus in life) you might want to backtrack and start covering the basics in your life first so that you can have stable success in your endeavors.

There’s nothing wrong with wildly passionate long hours of work, as long as you eat, sleep, socialize and exercise too!

If your goals require deep suffering, they may not be goals, they may be a bit self-destructive.

I am quite the expert in self-destructive goal setting, having done it most of my life. It took a really talented cognitive behavioral therapist to tell me to “stay out of my own way” and “take care of myself first” to finally understand that the unrealistic way I was tasking myself was completely unproductive.

So, I will pass on his words: “stay out of your own way, ” and “take care of yourself first.”

Celebrate your wins!  I thank Milton Katselas & his book Dreams Into Action for this one. If you don’t reward yourself for amazing accomplishments and personal victories, you may peter out before you get to the finish line.

Big dreams a sprinkled with lots of small triumphs along the road to their realization.

If you keep telling yourself “its no big deal” when the little (but big) things get done, it will become increasingly more daunting when the stakes get higher.

Celebrate along the way. It will give you lots of energy and motivation and will tangibly remind you that you are doing awesome stuff!

& Ditch what you no longer  really want to do right now. It sounded great to spend a month doing all raw food but that’s very unapeaking now that LA is cold and rainy. You may have similar “it sounded good” things lingering on that list.

Take them off your plate and file ’em for later.

The more clear you are and the more excited you are the more likely you are to be celebrating a complete victory!!!

Are your own New Year Resolutions set to stick?

If you haven’t already, try some feng shui and a little home & life  detox to get the fresh vibes flowing to support all that you want.  You can start the free Life Detox Jump Start right HERE. 

Happy 2017!!!

xoxo Dana



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