Zebra Print Decor

Apr 24, 2013 | Home Style

zebra print

(Elle Decor) 

Zebra print is divine, sexy and yet neutral. Its designed to camouflage in a jungle, yet its also powerfully attractive.  Zebra print does not mean dead animals on your floor: there are tons of synthetic zebra patterned prints that are total inspiration to have that naturally vibey energy in a feel-good way! 



A little upholstery in zebra is magnetic yet not too loud.

zebra rug


Whole carpet printed in zebra is a dramatic  and “directed” effect for a foyer or stairway and hallway, capturing the attention and luring you forward.

zebra walls


While this wouldn’t be my first choice, its a fabulous choice for walls in zebra.  Unique, attractive, energizing… amazing.

zebra ottoman


And a modern classic design move that just about anyone clan pull off: a zebra bench or ottoman. Try this in a “flat” or boring living room,  a bedroom that is not sexy enough or even an office that needs spunk.

Zebra print: its a lyrical, natural and yet so crafted as a design pattern. Use zebra prints to dazzle a space while maintaining grounded balance. xoxo Dana


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