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Apr 25, 2013 | Creativity

inspiration board

(Rebecca Sower) 

Whether treated as a work of art for all to behold or as more private and exacting business, inspiration boards universally help life stay engaging.  Creating an inspiration board keeps you on your toes, always eager to see what you can pluck for their benefit out of everyday life. A beautiful board may inspire a more in-depth hunt for what fascinates you at the moment.  Like creating a painting, each board has its own “inner life” and will tell you what it needs as it grows.  Here are some gorgeous examples of inspiration boards that are materially divine, to perhaps inspire your own artful muse board!

inspiration board

(I’m loving Rebecca Sower’s inspiration boards!)

While electronic inspiration boards (like Pinterest, for example) are fabulous to cull information and imagery, a board of purely material goodies are the textured, sensual, real life fodder for material creation.  Just like talking on the phone is lovely, it will never take the place of real life meetings. these framed boards are divine, and Rebecca Sower is masterful with them!

inspiration board


A regular old pin board can be remixed with patterns, colors and pictures to inspire. You can thematically create a board for a project….or generally create one and watch it evolve in layers!



They can even go straight on the wall if you dare.

inspiration board


 And they are not limited to private spaces!

Picture 32


And can be as massive as you dare!

Even if you tape bits of inspiration to a piece of cardboard, inspiration boards are divine and addictive.  They can reflect a mood like a journal, prompt a style shift or a creative breakthrough.

Do you have an inspiration board? Does it help you? xoxo Dana


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