Love Pillows

Apr 27, 2013 | Home Style

love pillowsLove pillows can really be an amazing affirmation of goodness and peace. They are not for every home…but when they work, they are extra fantastic!



These are sweet and fantastic. A bit too girly to be in an adult bedroom, but yet so fantastically tasteful.

love pillow

This love pillow on Etsy is a bit more substantial, bright and weighty. I am impressed by the typography!

love pillows

Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s blog  provides us today with the most adult, sophisticated and sparkling love pillows.

love pillows

I find these love & peace pillows so altogether classic and neutral. Its like they are barely embellished, yet it makes all the difference.

love pillows

And some color blocked pillows of love can be more fanciful and spunky. These remind me of wood blocks, kids toys, or a varsity jacket.  Simple yet memorable!

Love, love, love!  xoxo Dana



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