Fast Feng Shui : Your Windows & Your Life!

Apr 28, 2013 | Feng Shui 101


Windows are the “eyes” of your house.  Their care will have a profound effect on the flow of your home and your life!

In some traditional schools of feng shui, the “best” windows are considered to be windows that swing open to the outside; they are thought to maximize the flow of chi or life firce into your home.  Its rare to see windows that swing inward in homes, and, most frequently, we see windows that slide upward. Neither are traditionally considered as auspicious as outward swinging windows.  This isn’t necessarily a fact these days, as highly engineered upward sliding windows can be perfectly excellent, and its a rare and strange event to see windows open inward.  If they do open inward, just make sure they are unobstructed and can fully open.

No matter how your windows open, if they don’t open properly, fix them immediately! I am most concerned about a lack of windows or leaky or stuck or otherwise broken windows.  If they are dirty, clean them!  Also if you have an intense glare coming into your windows at certain times of the day, that’s what blinds or curtains or shades are for…and use them well. Dirty screens on windows are another source of bad vibes- air basically flows through a screen of dirt and disrepair to reach your home. If you have NO windows… thats tough.   If that was my home I would move instantly.  You need windows for light, for air and for a sense of expansiveness and vision.

If you take care of your windows, you maximize your mental clarity as well as the level of fresh “chi” of life force that can flow into your house.  Just because it “looks” ok doesn’t mean it is ok!  Make sure those windows function beautiful and are perfectly clean.You will see the difference, feel the difference and will understand the way windows operate in your life if you really take their care to new heights!



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  1. Alan Stirling

    You can make windowless rooms feel much more natural by placing large leaf plants in front of a small draught use a small portable fan on a low setting so that the leaves gently waft. Replacing your bulb with a daylight type will also make it feel more comfortable for you… and the plant!


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