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Apr 29, 2013 | Home Style

textured decor

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From satin and faux fur to bright art and afghans, texture is amazing.  The act of physically feeling objects can and will actually influence both you and your guests, changing  moods and communicating sentiments, and this is a well-researched fact. Feel good decor is not just a catchy notion,  its an actual, scientifically studied method of how environment influences us!  Not only will your house look fabulous with layers of texture that are  pure scintillation like these velvety pillows, your life will feel dramatically different when you add tactile goodies to the mix.  

feel good art


A mash-up of eclecticism s warmed by some unexpected wood in the ceiling gets an additional blast of texture from illuminated art.


Fuzzy, nubby sofa and soft afghan mix with color, collage, plants and flowers… not to mention a super sink-into-me carpet… creating a textural delight!



Velvet, velour, silk, cotton and a brazen, beautiful patterned faux fur throw create the ultra sexy bedroom you’ve dreamed about!



A more wacky, hip and delightful carpet that wakes up the senses with its rouged landscape underfoot.



One of the more dramatic decor fixes is textured wallpaper.  Not only will it color and warm up a space, the walls not feel like a silky straw or grass, a soothing bit of nature integrated into a bedroom, for sure.

Feel good decor is not one-style- you can work within your aesthetic, and add a layer or two of texture to create true magic.  Bust out your favorite blanket, knit potholders for the kitchen, get your pet  a faux sheepskin bed…!  Its very easy, but ever so custom & special.  Enjoy!  xoxo Dana


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