How Textures In Decor Affect Your Life!

Apr 29, 2013 | Creativity


(Kelly Wearstler) 

We learn from our sense of touch.

We make judgments based on touch, and our emotions are altered by the sense of touch we feel.

Did you know that by loading a room with specific “feeling” textures and weights you can influence an experience of space for yourself or others?

fur diningroom chairs

(Apartment Therapy) 

THIS article in Psychology Today really drives home the ways in which the touch and feel of objects affect our lives.

“How our physical body interacts with the world is fundamentally connected to our thinking,” says Josh Ackerman, an evolutionary psychologist at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. The idea that our physical selves shape our psychological selves, known as embodied cognition, has been a popular subject of research in recent years.

I encourage you to read the whole, short yet fascinating article HERE.

Essentially, if you load up a room with rough textures, you may be sending out a message to others that you are a rough person. Put too much soft stuff in a space and perhaps people will act too soft around you, without a backbone? Too much hard-feeling furniture in an office lobby and perhaps that icy tension you feel when you enter is actually emanating from the space itself .  Cold objects reflect and give a sense of cold personalities.

Are you unconsciously sending messages with texture about yourself that are in conflict with who you are?

Are others influencing you with texture?!?

Texture, touch, what you feel… even the textures of the clothes you wear… all communicate powerfully, silently and subconsciously.  Brilliant, no?!

For more textured decor  inspiration, start HERE  for knit or HERE for glamour and motivation or HERE for bedroom texture inspiration… !  xoxo Dana



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