Eric Cahan’s Intense Color Brilliance!

Apr 30, 2013 | Life With Art

eric cahan

It is no secret that I am radically and dramatically moved by color. When color can encapsulate nature, filter life with new shades of interest or help us to see things in a new way, its more that just a pretty thing: color is a tool for transforming life.  Eric Cahan’s art has me hypnotized and bemused: he captures candy colors in the sky, in the sea, the sand… and translates them into artwork that is delicious to see.  I am so happy that Chantal Moore sent me a message filled with Eric’s work yesterday, which I have privately admired. I had to share it with you right away!  This stuff makes me giddy like spotting a rainbow in the sky!

eric cahan

A Montauk sunset in teal, violet and rose is like a dream.  Looking at this, its as though you can walk into the sky and have in envelope you in a glow.


Shimmering sculpture encapsulates the gradient of a sunset. These are such slick and “material” sculpture, yet so wholly touchable, consumable and energized.

eric cahan

How did I miss all of these historic skies in the Hamptons?  This sunset in Bridgehampton looks like love.

eric cahan

When I say that art can create alternate realities, I speak of the effect that this wall of color evokes in me. These liquid colors that gleam and bleed and blend are  such utter joy.


Light and color are somewhat mystic. Its the reasoning behind stained glass in chapels- there is something otherworldly about sunlight streaming through translucent color fields that penetrates us at our core. This sculpture is like the culmination of everything optimistic, passionate and proud.  It doesn’t hurt that this magenta rose tone is the color actually believed to help manifest dreams!

Eric Cahan, I’m so inspired.

(all artwork by Eric Cahan)



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