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May 1, 2013 | Home Style

pop of color

A radiant splash of brightness can immediately, today, add so much to just about any space.  Remember one thing: your eye will move toward fire. So, if you are using a pop of color, chances are you are going to pull a lot of focus toward your new design choices. Use this color trick to highlight areas at home that could use more of your love and attention!

yellow curtains


Here color creates such incredibly confident vertical lines, like beams of sunshine.

neon door


Want to make a room more magnetic? Painting its door a neon color is one way to go!

yellow mantle


Dramatic color can turn a mantle into a real centerpiece, breathing golden waves into a space.



If you have the ability to re-paint funky cabinets, its worth a shot before renovating. The affect can be majestic!


And, if you are looking for a big but non-permanent change, the bright pillow and brighter flower will always be there, waiting for you!

Do you need more vibrant color at home, even in small splashes?


  1. Charin Adams

    This post makes me happy! 🙂
    Decor with a good splash of color against neutral is so energetic. I love it and have been Pinning ideas to infuse our house with it. 🙂

  2. Lindsay

    The yellow in the pictures catches my eye the most! I’ve got yellow chairs in my living room against a grey black and white wallpaper and I love how the yellow stands out


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