On Meeting Your Soulmate

May 1, 2013 | Prosperity


And… you can have more than one soulmate…!  Or, so I’m told 🙂

You know, I think I might just read Arielle Ford’s Soulmate Secret book and commit to it.  After all, you really never know when that special someone will pop up & I would hate to be unprepared!

Have you met your soulmate? Do you believe that you will? xoxo Dana

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  1. Charin Adams

    I love this!!
    Yes. I have. <3 And I truly believe it's possible to have more than one, because I had met the love of my life, my soulmate, and our connection was beyond anything I could have hoped for. He passed away in 2010, and I truly thought that I would never love again. I grieved, HARD, for several years. Then I met my now-husband, Brad, and I saw it. That recognition as soon as we met…that feeling that he completely "got me", he knew me in ways that he had no real way of knowing, other than because he's my soulmate. It's beautiful. 🙂
    And what a gift it is to be able to share this life with someone who will be able to stay with me….after hurting so much after losing my love I am even more thankful that Brad came in my life. He's my soulmate and partner and everything I could have hoped for! <3


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