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May 2, 2013 | Home Style

exotic decor


The exotic in decor brings us closer to a celebratory nature, with carvings, resplendent artwork, elaborate silks, handwoven and well-worn carpets that create a greater sense of ourselves stripped of pretense.  The shocking bright colors activate the root of our body’s energy inside and out.  You don’t have to turn your whole home inside out to have a more exotic vibe.  Here are some simple ways to integrate more of the sensuously lush and exotic  into your home right now.

exotic decor


Just a touch of the wild in this very earthy space creates a more scintillating setting.

exotic door


The major inspiration of the day here is splendor.  The painstaking detail on this vibrant door expresses more of its importance.  Can you see how a bit of detail can make a simple object far more significant?



Here, the more traditional in decor becomes spectacular as chairs are reupholstered in suzani fabric.

floor pillows

Adding some divine floor pillows brings you closer to the earth in all ways, while mixing up the textural landscape of a space. (more floor pillows I love right HERE!)

moroccan bed


The color palette can be more subdued in apricots and wood tones, yet the effect totally dripping in sunshine at its core.  Here a bed with four huge posts that are intricately carved creates a “room-within-a-room” for its occupants.  These types of high posted beds position the bed in a room as an “inner chamber” to enter more ceremoniously after experiencing the rest of the space.  Strong verticals of the bed posts also add more excitement, while infusing the room with handcrafted elegance.

Exotic: orchids, punch colors mixed with handcrafted detail, elegant vintage suzani, floor pillows of silk, orchids, greenery, faux animal skin, even juju hats, all introduce the exotic into a space in a tactile, luxurious way.  Yes, yes, yes!  xoxo Dana


  1. Julie K.

    I love exotic/ethnic style simply because you can get so playful with it! Colors are usually so bold and you can get away with craziest combinations, it just gives you more freedom. In addition, these exotic elements lend your living space a sense of adventure and foreign lands. So if you wanna give some piece of furniture that kind of look just paint it with a vibrant color and get funky with some seemingly intricate ornamenting.

  2. Mariaelena

    Please let me know where I can get this suzani’s fabric from chairs in dinning room I am in love with them I am looking everywhere but I cant find this especific fabric I loved the pink and green fabric
    thanks in advanced

    • danaclaudat

      No idea! But I’d try LOOM DECOR online- they have amazing fabrics!


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