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May 3, 2013 | Creativity



I don’t know about you, but my office space desperately needs a makeover. How do I know? Well, I spend most of my time typing and taking pictures and talking to clients in my dining room, so that’s a good sign that a change is due! My office is a bit too sparse, a little too (gasp!) cluttered , and perhaps a bit dark.  There’s no reason for any of this, so I am marking out a few creative works paces to serve as inspiration today!  

creative officeLoving the wood, the art, the unstructured nature of the whole space.  Abstract art is definitely in order…! But… also, the greenery on the desktop is really good. What I can’t handle here is the utter randomness for my own work.  I need a bit more structure or symmetry to stay on track in my own work life.

work space creative


From here I take the whimsy and fresh air.  Both are really important, as things get a bit stuffy and too serious sometimes. I wish I had a patio right this moment leading out to a yard (I will, I remind myself, I will!) but in the meantime, open windows and more task lighting.

creative office

Here is my great big reminder that I promised myself I would get a full fledged file cabinet or two so that all the things that have to stay paper have a home that is a bit upgraded from their present, portable file situation.

creative office

I need a wall of— or a nice row of— stacking boxes that can be filled with photos. I have so many photos about to arrive- I mean thousands upon thousands- from my mom’s storage, and I’d like them to be, at long last, organized and accessible.

creative office

Lastly, in the creative office escapade business, these simple shallow strips of “shelf” lining the walls are brilliant for photo display that can be constantly updated! If you slide photos in very inexpensive protective plastic jackets  (check your local photo supply or a big superstore like B & H) they will be protected and yet casually on display!

Do you need a more creative workspace? Do you focus well in your office? Do you feel inspired? Do you look forward to your desk? If not, start culling images, find the best of what appeals to you in these dreamy pictures and implement it!  You will be so happy you did, as will I, soon!  xoxo Dana


  1. Judie

    Hi Dana!

    I am so addicted to your blog since discovering a month ago! I absolutely love your inspired and relaxed approach to feng shui, which vastly contrasts with the highly superstitious and rigid forms that put me off for years.

    Right now, there are a number of places in my life that I truly want to overhaul, and I thought where better to start than my living environment? My boyfriend and I currently rent out a section of a house which include two bedrooms ( a master bedroom and the other is a smaller space that I use as a studio/office for my hairstyling clients). What I really want is a living space that inspires romance and happiness and actually feels like home. In my workspace, I really want an environment that fosters abundance, growth, and creativity. I particularly want a place where I can feel proud to bring in new clients without apologizing for the setup!

    My landlord/friend has been great with me making minor changes like painting. I still feel as if I’m overstepping my boundaries by making any drastic changes to my living quarters, namely because it’s not mine. Because of that, I feel more like a guest. How does one carve out a piece of home that yields positive energy flow in someone else’s home? Also, is it possible to use a feng shui map on just a section of a house?

    • danaclaudat

      First of all, thank you! Now: you must make your place your own. Bottom line. Even when you buy a home its not yours until its 100% paid off, so don’t get too involved in the semantics 🙂

      Bagua: apply it room by room.

      Very excited for you!!! xoxo Dana

  2. arwa

    inspiring as always.. loving your book!! Have to remind myself to pace things and take it step by step week by week.. slowly things are starting to shape up 🙂

  3. Marcy

    Hey Dana!
    I can definitely relate to this article. I use to work in the office most of the time, but I eventually migrated to my living room. Now I use the office mostly for storing business supplies, holding books, and filing paperwork.

    I think the bottom line is, my couch is more comfortable than any office chair, because its soft and I can move around a lot on it, and my living room is very large. I crave space, wide open space in big rooms.

    My question is, in feng shui is it ok to use the living room and not the office? I know you are not hard and fast on “rules,” but wondering if it is creating blocks.



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