Fresh Planters For Spring Greenery!

May 3, 2013 | Home Style

initial planter


In my never-ending search for elegant and even witty ways to bring more nature into a home, here are some affordable, unique planters from artisans on Etsy that really shine!  

elephant planter

This elephant air plant planter can grace any room with its charms.  Incidentally, if you have never heard of air plants or always wondered where to begin, HERE is a great air plant resource.


Seashells are natural wonders in and of themselves, so when stuffed with botanical goodies they are a cornucopia of natural grace. These planters are effortless joy! 


A handsome hanging vessel of succulents mixes earth, water and wood into one creative basket.


I must admit, though, a smiling hippo filled with greenery is precious. Perhaps my favorite!

A plant- even one single plant- adds so much life to your home.  Green is always good feng shui!

xoxo Dana


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