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May 5, 2013 | Uncategorized

ee cunnimgs quote

I found this little business card a few days ago at Coffee Bean in the early morning, and it was impossible to to take it as a sign with all the big courage-building in my life and around me right now!  This week’s Instagram is all about boldness and the beauty in the bold.

fruit stand


I’m loving the strong tropical flavor of the rainbow-colored fruit stands cropping up everywhere around Los Angeles.  Chili, salt, lime and a mixed bag of raw coconut, mango and pinapple are perfection to me!

elisabeth weinstock

Designer Elisabeth Weinstock’s new store to showcase her very strong design aesthetic : outrageously beautiful.  We did a little feng shui-ing and I can’t wait to see the shifts and hear what happens.  Her python bags and brilliant furnishings and home goodies are elabloartely fantastic.


You just can’t beat the bounty of massive roses, bursting from their vase.


And this faux peacock is exotic one thousand times over, displaying pomp and courage in sizzling hues.

Bold and courageous: that’s where it’s at!  Hit me up on Instagram HERE & I’ll follow you back to watch your life unforld in pictures, too! xoxo Dana


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