7 Things Everyone Should Know About Creativity!

May 6, 2013 | Creativity



Creativity is a major part of everyone’s life.  There is no way to say “I am just not creative”.  I used to think that only artists are “creative”, and that is not true. You may not consider yourself artistic, but intrinsically, by the nature of the fact that you are alive, you are creative.   Increasing your creativity will enhance your whole life. Here are seven ideas regarding creativity- and increasing that energy- that may just convince you to embrace your creative nature.

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1. Exercise has been proven to increase creativity!  Studies as far back as 1997, and even farther, show that there is a strong link between a workout and your perception as well as “creative” ability.  30 minutes of aerobic exercise is a creativity booster, no matter how you feel.  Some research I have read suggests that the creative “booster shot” from aerobics is greater when you are physically fit, so don’t give up on that workout if its not immediately helping you to complete your novel!

2. Creativity is about problem-solving.  Famed cognitive psychologist Robert Sternberg defines creativity as  “…the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile.” (found this quote HERE)  Creativity is not just for your artistic pleasure- the creatively active mind can resourcefully see things to a conclusion, solving problems from new vantage points.

3. The color GREEN can dramatically increase your overall creativity. Just seeing a green landscape can speed healing in hospital patients,  and green has been proven to increase motivation as well as the generation of creative thought.

4. Creativity is related to your sexuality. The area of your body just below your navel- otherwise known as the “second chakra” is the area of your body thought to correlate with creativity in some holistic healing modalities.  This is also the area that relates to sex.  Not only are creatively engaged individuals more sexually magnetic, conversely, a healthy relationship to your sexuality will increase your creative mojo.

5.  Creative power in your body correlates to the energetic area of finances and money. Again, that “second chakra” deals with financial issues.  When I have been stuck creatively, organizing my finances has helped.  Creativity is being directly applied to financial management and wealth-building strategies, as the “old model” of financial planning and even job creation has become outmoded.  When you are creatively engaged, you are feeding, in a feng shui sense, your legacy.  Some people say that artists are “typically” broke.  Most artists I know who practice their art with full engagement always have money coming from somewhere, even if not directly from selling their art,  because they recognize the need to have the resources to create more art….and they are, as mentioned in #2, more resourceful problem-solvers!   (so: Sex-Creativity- Money = all related!)

6. Creativity is therapeutic. Art Therapy is a highly effective form of therapeutic creativity and artistic expression guided by experts and focused on healing.  When I was very sick, I had my own personal art therapy time, an hour or two every day where I would sit down with pastels and create a picture.  I wouldn’t stop until I felt the image was finished.  looking back on the giant stack I made of images as I healed, I can see the progress mentally, physically and emotionally.  A journal can be a form of art therapy as well, albeit personal and unsupervised.  Expression starts a snowball effect as you build momentum.

7. Creativity is a personal process of generation. No one can “make” you more creative.  You can’t be forced into being creative.  You can experiment and find techniques that actually do increase your creativity.  Of course, to know me is to know that  Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way is the ultimate in creativity in my life.  Its a 12-week course/ book that requires your participation, and it is a present obsession of mine.  Each time through the book I learn invaluable amounts about myself and my creative work.  HERE is more if you want to learn about The Artist’s Way before you dive in!

Wishing you health, happiness & artistry!  xoxo Dana


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