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May 6, 2013 | The Beautiful

folk beauty remedies

There is a non-chemical remedy for every minor (and even some major!) beauty and body issues.  Folk medicine is catching fire in a big way, and part of the reason why: IT OFTEN WORKS!   I exfoliate with sugar, wash my face with herbs, cover my body in edible oils and chocolates, and use vinegar and natural butters and baking soda in my hair regularly.   Here are a few extra cool  “folky” beauty & body treats that might just pleasantly surprise you with their gloss, gleam & greatness!!! 

Reduce Under-Eye Circles & Fine Lines: While there’s a lot more to castor oil than just this one trick, castor oil seems to be really effective at fighting fine lines and under-eye circles.  Stylist Natalie Howell shared this trick, along with the next:

Get The Brassy Discoloration Out Of Your Hair:  “I put ketchup on my hair once,” Natalie explained, ” and it counteracts the funny colors your hair can turn from chlorine in the water.”  Ketchup.  You put it on your damp hair for 20-30 minutes and rinse out.

Glossy Hair :  Natalie & I have both tried egg yolk in hair as a deep conditioner.  If you scramble a yolk in a bowl and pour it over your damp hair, you are performing hair magic!   Leave the egg yolk sit for a bit and then use just tepid water to rinse.   The result is glossy & soft hair.

Whiten Your Teeth: Charcoal. Yes, activated charcoal pills. Activated charcoal is great to keep on hand if you are having indigestion as it helps to pull toxins from your body…but i you crush up a tablet of the activated charcoal and brush your teeth with the powder, the result is whiter teeth!  I wouldn’t recommend ANY whitening solution more than extremely occasionally.

Ultra Moisturize Your Face:  After a hot bath or a sauna I love this most, but I actually do it any time…and sometimes nightly for months.  Pop a natural vitamin e capsule or two and use the oil as a moisturizer for your whole face.  you can try mixing in a capsule of vitamin A, but i’m not sure it will maintain any effectiveness once it hits the air.  Vitamin E oil = amazing.

Remove Blackheads : Before bed, rub a lemon on blackheads and do not rinse.  A night or two of this and they should diminish/ disappear.

Freshen Skin:  Lactic acid and probiotics are a big key to soft, smooth skin.  A simple natural yogurt masque of plain, gelatin & additive free active culture yogurt on your clean face fdor 20-30 minutes is divine.

Do you have a favorite home beauty trick?  I’d love to hear about it!!!


  1. gk

    coffee+honey mask for scrubbing..perfect..

  2. Tammy

    Do you think that lime would work as well as lemons for blackheads?

  3. Tammy

    My tip would be cleaning your nails with lime wedges. My mom does it and it really makes her nails shine. I’m also recommending that you try ‘Queen Helene’ mint julep masque. It’s a great product and it’s sold at many retailers such as Walgreens and Ulta. 🙂 It leaves my face feeling really refreshed and the scent is minty but not overwhelming.



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