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May 8, 2013 | Home Style

mid century


Mid Century reminds me of The Brady Bunch, Palm Springs spa motels, and my own childhood home. The bright splashes of color in Mid Century design aren’t “popping” madly, but they shine.  Here is some clean yet textured, simple yet curated Mid Century inspiration with color that really glows!



Add something slick like a colored Mid Century rocking chair to an otherwise well-designed and relatively neutral room and you have dynamism in a big way!



I will personally never tire of multicolored chairs, or deliberate use of different colored chairs at the heads of tables.  By swapping out the chairs at the heads of your table, you create a whole new dynamic for dining.


(Apartment Therapy)

Mid Century colors themselves can be wholly neutral.  While there are a few punch wall colors common in the Mid Century color stash, the mints and whisper pinks are an anywhere alternative to the horrendous Eggshell/Swiss Coffee walls that renters are all-too-often stuck with, sadly.



A round up of  Fired Earth Mid Century colors curated as a paint collection. These are divine!



A tulip table is an answer to any space in a clean, modern, stylish flash.  Couple with wicker chairs and the effect is delightful time travel with texture and visual interest intact! Loving the centerpiece in a serving tray…


Vibrant! A hit of violet has that delicious warmth and mystery combined to shape a truly unique dining experience. Mid Century pottery in collections on display = my favorite!



Clean shapes, spare palette and dashing peacock blue for confidence!



Concrete floors covered with an amazing carpet= divine patterning without a glut of visual information. This is so fresh, interesting and yet extremely spare…a unique combination of simplicity and fabulous design!

Take a cue from Mid Century shape, color and style if you are looking for maximum impact with minimal added “stuff”.  It’s brilliant!  xoxo Dana


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