Jack Hardwicke: Flow, Glow & Glitter

May 9, 2013 | Life With Art

jack hardwicke

Jack Hardwicke has my eye for the day, the week, maybe the month.  Who am I kidding, I could stare at his work endlessly!  Here is a handful of art that will fill your day with searing color, veils of light and bubbling, whirling potential energy brought to the surface!jackhardwicke

Metal, coral & waves of sea blue.

jack hardwicke

As good as a fountain in my eyes…!

jack hardwicke

Trippy color that digitally bleeds into transparent layers.

jack hardwicke

Psychedelically imposing, but with glitter.

jack hardwicke

Like liquid color, streaming. Its all so very lovely!  You can see all (or tons more of) of Jack Hardwicke’s work HERE.  And you can buy them (!) HERE! xoxo Dana


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