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May 13, 2013 | Creativity

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Today is a day focused on balance in every way possible: metal, emotional, environmental & physical!    Everything from information overload to a bad diet to disorganized home can make you physically spin.  Our physical equilibrium is as important as our strength!  Balance on a physical level also promotes balance in your entire life.  

THIS LA Times article , ” A Life In Balance,” shined a big light for me on the more physical aspects of creating a life of holistic calm.  Check this out (emphasis MINE):

“Abbie Appel, a Florida-based fitness expert who trains clients in a number of exercise regimens, including Spri, TRX Suspension, JumpSport and Resist-A-Ball, said it is not just older people who need to work on balance.

“Being older, your eyes are not as good, your ears are not as good and your body gets weaker,” she said. “But everybody needs to train their balance. People who do balance training reduce their number of injuries, and improve their stability and strength.”

She recited a horrifying statistic:

More than 50% of American adults don’t move enough, and 25% of American adults don’t move at all — except to walk to their cars, to their desks, then home to the couch, to the TV. Balance training can improve your body awareness, improve your posture and increase coordination and agility, she said. Balance training can also increase focus. “If you are able to control your body, you are able to control what you are doing, and you are able to control the different aspects of your life,” she said.

Dr. Malcolm Taw at UCLA’s East West Center, who specializes in integrative medicine and balance disorders, said the core theory of Chinese medicine is balance.

Allergies, temporomandibular joint disorder, tinnitus, dizziness and vertigo are all symptoms of imbalance. Those symptoms can be alleviated through acupuncture, which re-balances the body’s internal systems, Taw said. But minor imbalances in the body can be re-balanced through lifestyle, diet, approach to life and daily activities….”

Yoga is a key way to develop personal balance, recommended far and wide as a body as well as mind workout.  Yoga to get you motivated & get you started right HERE from Tara Stiles (this is what got me back into yoga…and the notion of balance in a deeper sense!) Core-strength building exercises also help build balance. HERE you can find some great exercises to build balance.  Acupuncture helps with balance on a more subtle energetic level that is dynamically powerful.

Plus: Drink lots of water, eat well at regular times and get more sleep.

When you are physically balanced you will see the world around you more clearly.  Messes in your home will be unacceptable. You may feel compelled to actually move furniture to create more equilibrium in your space. You will feel more powerfully present.   So many good things! Go for it: get a little more balance today!

xoxo Dana


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