6 Memorable Artists I Just Discovered

May 14, 2013 | Life With Art


Sharing art is one of the delights of my week.  These artists and artisans all have their particular X-Factor-  for lack of a better word- that makes their work memorable. And, of course, expect lots of color…like the sparkling table of color and light from John Foster above.  OK, a few of these lovelies I have seen before, but when I get a desire to share art its hard to stop me…! 

anne harper

Anne Harper washes strong colors in a smoothness of fields that create a surface that seems flat…but dynamic.


Michael Cina encapsulates color and flow!

sharon johnstone

I just can’t get enough of Sharon Johnstone’s macro photography.


And Lewk Wilmshurs is somewhat surreal, bizarre and yet so strong with color. 


Yet its Evelyn Dragan’s storytelling side-by-side images that give me so many ideas to construct my own photo albums.

Live with art. As much as possible. Its great for you!!! xoxo Dana


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