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May 14, 2013 | Home Style



Coral is a color so unusual to find yet so easy to incorporate. Its not quite orange, but not quite pink. It has the fire of red and the cheerfulness of orange.  Because of its tone, unlike tangerine or another orange shade, it can suit your walls in a fabulous glow, while peppered through your home it can create happy dashes and exclamation points of color.  I hope this bit of decor inspiration moves you to rethink  coral in the palette of possibilities!


(via Etsy)

Coral has a vintage sensibility to it, a sweetness, if you will.

coral walls


In more saturated tones, it can be unbeatably unique.

coral journal


These are the kids of journals that you want to hold on to forever. (though I do love the standard Composition book, too!)

coral nightstand

HGTV reveals the possibilities for radiant coral furniture.  Its a very easy fix to repaint your nightstands or even a dresser! While their example is based on a kid’s room, its totally apt for any adult!

coral floral pillows

Coral floral pillows from Etsy are a bit of wow factor for a tight budget looking for a “pop” of change.



But for big change, why not drape your home in coral curtains? These are magnificent and exciting to see, even in a photo.

Enjoy! xoxo Dana

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  1. Mary Farr

    Love this. I once painted a hallway Coral when I lived in Boston. They use coral there a lot. Learning about Feng Shui and it is very interesting.


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