Fast Feng Shui: Giving Is Receiving!

May 15, 2013 | Prosperity



This week’s very simple feng shui inspired idea is all about giving.

Giving is a not a luxury- it is a necessity.  We think of giving as a physical gift, a monetary donation or the like. It doesn’t have to be.  Your time is more valuable- and more irreplaceable- than money.  Giving a bit of your time is a big gift to give.

You can give in abstract ways: When’s the last time you had your friends over to have dinner & watch a movie?  Help a friend de-clutter their home? Help out with a neighbor’s mail when they are on vacation?

How about the last time you volunteered for any cause you believe in? Don’t have a favorite charity? Find one! You know, you don’t really have to look far to find tons of worthy causes that could use your energy.  If you volunteer, really show up and commit.  I’ve learned tremendous amounts in volunteer situations about problem solving, communication & really caring about much more than myself.

You can give in a zillion different ways. Outflow praise. Outflow money. (You know, its never a bad thing to invest wisely in your own education, business or health! ) Outflow good thoughts to others.  (In energy healing, distance healing is purported to work sometimes better than hands-on healing.) Outflow creativity. (Maybe start a blog? Submit your art for publishing consideration?) Outflow ideas. Outflow support.  Outflow love.

So, if you feel stuck, stingy, solitary, disconnected or dull, don’t blame it on others or complain about what you lack. Instead: give meaningfully in directions that matter to you. Everything becomes much easier when you do!  xoxo Dana

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  1. tristatelogic

    hey Dana, when you give source of image, don’t give the image location which is url..instead give the link of webpage.. So that it would be easy to trace artists.. xoxo


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