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May 16, 2013 | Home Style


(Windsor Smith)

It astonishes me that after visiting so many spaces graced by her design talent that I haven’t done my “I love Windsor Smith” interior design round-up yet: until today!  Luscious upholstery, awesome scale, gorgeous textures, unexpected color and loads of confidence in every room…! Its a day for Windsor Smith Home! 

ottoman windsor smith

I am obsessed with ottomans, and in wicker, this is part homey-classic and part ultra-modern. Even in a simple white room that could fall to shabby chic, it never gets shabby, just clean, luminous and inviting.


Can you see the power of custom upholstery and fabric? If there’s one investment to make that will last for a decade with maintenance, its a custom redo of your favorite chairs or sofas!  Here, subtle prints build a room in layers upon a crazy gorgeous pink backdrop.


Talk about a library worth settling in for a day… or a week!


Pillows, cushions & grand  scale— plush, gorgeous, bigness!  This room weds so many styles I love- tropical, exotic & totally traditional.

windsor smith

And, I mean, if this doesn’t move you to try wallpaper, I don’t know what will?!  Shimmering walls create an organic soaring energy of their own, anchored with magnificent antiques.  While the ultra-high display is a tricky thing to pull off, when done safely it can draw your attention up… which helps the room literally elevate your spirit!

So many divine ideas from Windsor Smith… and so many fabrics and furnishings to explore... you can dive in to the world full on Windsor right HERE! Have fun! xoxo Dana

(* images from Windsor Smith)


  1. Sarah - Art of Decor Blog

    This is so lively and energetic. I love the choice of center tables and ottomans. They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kata

    I want to do something like this in my house. Thank you =)

  3. joyshree

    Hi Dana! I don’t miss a day without going through your blogs…they are so inspiring and the pictures are too refreshingly beautiful. Thank you so much!


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