Spring Plum Smoothie!

May 20, 2013 | Food-Shui


Plums are a delight of Spring. Dark purple to golden yellow, their juicy, fleshy and somewhat uniquely sweet and tart flavor is unmatched in nature.  Nothing quite tastes like a plum.  I say that plums taste like sunshine!  They are packed with fiber and loads of potassium, vitamin C, K… and sunshine!

When you have a big bowl of fruit that is getting too ripe…a smoothie or two is in order. I love making smoothies with unusual or very seasonal fruit- its a great way to get a flood of nutrients that are not always available fresh, all in one delicious cup!

Now that we are definitively moving into “smoothie season” I suggest you fill a freezer-safe Tupperware with your overly-browned bananas to have them at arms reach.  Each week my browned bananas get broken into several pieces and frozen so that I am never at a loss for smoothie or frozen banana ice cream! 

Spring Plum Smoothie 

  • 2 Cups coconut milk
  • a handful of ice
  • 3 plums, washed and de-stoned (pit taken out)
  • one frozen banana (you can use a non-frozen one, but I find its smoother with a frozen one!)
  • 1 tsp raw honey (or agave) if you’d like!

Blend & done!

Enjoy! xoxo Dana


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