Can Creative Visualization Heal Your Body?

May 21, 2013 | Creativity

bernd ribbek


While I am not a medical doctor or healer of any kind, I am a huge believer in mind-body medicine.  I have seen incredible “spontaneous remissions, real dramatic life shifts and a restoration of wellness from severe illness: and one’s mind and spirit are a necessary part of the wellness equation.I am not going to try to be cavalier and say that “everything” can be healed with your mind and spirit.  I will say that if you let your mind run amok in fear and confusion and other people’s prognosis for your life and potential, you will likely fulfill THEIR prophesy for you. That’s totally not cool.

I’ve seen people recover from death experiences, break every bone in their body and run marathons, conquer tumors, cancers, and much more… all while being told it’s impossible.  It may not always be possible, after all, there’s a ton of determination and faith involved in curing such physical issues.  But…  If it’s not possible, how did it happen….and how does it continue to happen?

THIS story of David Seider’s spontaneous remission from bladder cancer peaked my interest. Here, a man who was not a mystic or extremely into a radical health transformation explains how he used his mind to heal himself.

Lissa Rankin’s amazing article in Mind Body Green on  the concept of a “Medical Hex” was a well-explored idea on Mind, Body & Medical Prophesy for your health. Imagine that a psychic predicted your death?  Or a doctor told you that you had a few months to live, could you unfortunately succumb to that prophesy, even if it wasn’t true?

And at UCLA, the science of mindfulness is being explored in its very direct correlation to wellness and healing from illness.  Less stress, more mental clarity & improved health are observed when simple meditation and/or yoga is practiced.

I could make a list a mile long today, but I think you get the gist: your mind and spirit affect your body in a quantifiable way.  Western Medicine is quite miraculous in many ways, but limited in others.  Why not give yourself the time to do some walking meditation, or breathing meditation or a few minutes of visualization, every day.  THIS is a good exercise I’ve used  to get started in imaginative visualizing.  

Do you believe that your mind & spirit can help to heal your body?

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  1. Jeanne

    I absolutely believe your mind and spirit can heal your body. If you want to get better, you MUST to WANT to get better. I know of two people who complain about being ill (one with a knee and tooth, the other emotional). Both have bad attitudes about healing. One day…maybe. I don’t know….so so sad!

    The one win the tooth actually had a new filling fall out!!! Coincidence? Nope, just really wanting more pain. Sadly, I think her suffering has become all she is and all she has….no amount of kind listening has helped. She need a chakra makeover 🙂 It is so so hard to watch.

    The other is a dear friend, and i referred her to your blog for inspiration. I think she is moving foward in a positive way. After taking one of your psychic vampire suggestions (to rid them), the knee/tooth lifer won’t even speak/complain to me any more. Go figure. I myself know that it is possible to self heal, especially when finding true love. ABSOLUTELY!! Great post!!! Love love love your inspiring blog!!!


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