Five Feng Shui Tips To Make The Best Of Ceiling Beams In Your Home

May 24, 2013 | Feng Shui 101


This little tip has the potential to be a doozy, because beams are so controversial in feng shui.  Beams visually “chop up” a space and are thought by some to energetically impinge upon it, so as to stop the flow of energy.  That’s not all true.  Beams can also create fabulous rhythm in a room and heighten its the architecture and stateliness. You just need to work with these beams, not against them! 

So, what is wrong above? Beams, and beam-like architectural feature, demand that you respect their symmetry.  If we moved everything in the room over a foot and a half to the left, we’d have a symmetrical space that is defined by the architecture. Instead, we have a space that feels crooked and the furniture, however lovely, feels ill-fit to the room.

A few things you can do in rooms other than the bedroom (those will be separate tips) to reduce the “choppy” vibe of beams :

1. Use strong art to pull focus from the ceiling.  Here, this room is saved by the engaging painting behind the sofa.

2. Don’t set up seating that is directly under beams- or avoid it as much as possible.

3. Respect the symmetry that beams create, especially when hanging art.

4. Use a big chandelier to pull energy away from the ceiling and create a new point of focus in a room filled with ceiling beams.

5. Hang lanterns, mobiles or other decorative elements as appropriate when a chandelier won’t do for you, to re-imagine the point of focus in your room.

And… in most cases you will have beams that are working more in your favor to create spacial music rather than discord.  Before you dive into a tip, visualize it and see if it “feels” right.  I bet you have great instincts, so trust them! Enjoy!


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    This room is gorgeous!!! I love everything about it!!!


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