Michael Chase: Ethereal Artist

May 24, 2013 | Life With Art


Veiled, glowing, divine nature. Surreal color. Wellsprings of emotion. Visual joy. Those are some of the words that spring to mind when artist Michael Chase pops up on my Tumblr dashboard as he does almost daily, from a zillion sources.  My picks of Michael Chase are hardly an original, but hopefully a new favorite of yours as well.  

micahel chase

Michael Chase is not totally new to me or to The Tao of Dana ( I first included him in one of my favorite roundups of 6 artists I love ) but his ability to inspire even in just digital imagery, is massive enough to deserve his own post!

michael chase

I love the glowing, meditative and luminous gilt imagery.

michael chase

Nature takes on the quality of a patterned tapestry.

michael chase

Rich, luscious and abundant.


Inspired a bit? I am!!!  I’m ready to run out and start photographing the skies! You can check out hours of Michael Chase’s magical  imagery to pin, reblog and revel in here.  Enjoy! xoxo Dana


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