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May 25, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

feng shui 101

This week has been awesomely exciting.  New friends, taking the time to make lots of art, new superfood adventures (more on that soon) and a super awesome food of excitement as loads of you start a DIY feng shui adventure with the finally-finished e-book guide, Feng Shui 101 (you can check it out HERE) !  I am so revved up that I’ll be writing a bonus chapter this long weekend filled with a zillion tips I use with clients to fine tune their homes, room by room.  Meanwhile, some super-high-energy life upgrades from you from Instagram. 

rose quartz


Nothing like some raw rose quartz to dazzle a space.  I have a hunk on my dining room table that I would be lost without! I love how it looks and how it feels, especially in its natural, unpolished state.  The Merose Market on Sundays in LA has the BEST crystal goodies!  I’ll be sharing more soon…!

the first 20 hours


So psyched to review Josh Kaufman’s new book, The First 20 Hours, all about how to learn a skill fast.  Not everything was meant to be mastered but a lot of things need to be learned.  LOL, I type with ONE HAND and there is a chapter that discusses “touch typing” so expect me to have a very very personal review of this book.  I would LOVE to learn to type with two hands!



I’m thilled to be watercoloring again.  Here’s a snippet of my experimentation on plain typing paper.  I’ll be hitting up the art supply store soon for a watercolor pad and drawing pad.  Ready to launch into a whole new level of creativity this Summer, and I’ll be sharing some really wild techniques and information, so I hope you’ll join me!



And I got this book from Lauri Boone to review as well.  I am hoping to try out a few of her recipies and share at least one with you guys soon.  This isn’t just a “superfood” cookbook, so far, as I tear through it, it’s been an awesome adventure learning the properties of foods I’ve barely heard of (sea buckthorn?) and learning how to encorporate them into my menus!

So much awesome stuff on the horizon, and so much happening right now.  Hit me up on Instagram HERE and I will follow you back to watch your life unfold in pictures, too!


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