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May 27, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

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I am a color lover, and I write extensively on color in psychology, art, feng shui, history, marketing, design… you name it, I love color.  Color has power and that is undeniable.  Whether or not color can heal and balance your body is being explored in many realms of science.  I don’t think the fact that color can affect mood is still up for grabs- that’s a given at this point.  We all have color preferences, colors that we reject and colors that magnetize us.  I thought it would be fun today to look at a simple way to explore color therapy: color therapy glasses!

I had a pair of very fancy glasses I bought with money from first little acting job over ten years ago. It seemed like a splurge was in order, so for some reason I had pink and blue tinted glasses made for an insane amount of money at Dan Deutch on Sunset in LA, and I wore them incessantly.  I felt so good seeing the world as pink and slightly violet, and never did it occur to me, until I look back on that time, that it was a bit odd to be in pink specs all day. Alas, that was my accidental foray into color therapy glasses.

color therapu glasses Color therapy glasses are much more lo-tech than my elaborate tinted Japanese glasses of the early 2000’s. You can get a pair very inexpensively (lots to be found here) or you can buy a whole set of every color therapy color.  Essentially, you can pick a color you are attracted to (that’s what I enjoy) or you can pick a color to help enhance a certain energy in your life.  If you are not ready to, say, add more magenta to your wardobe or home, maybe wearing magenta glasses while you are hanging out on the weekend by the pool could be cool? I think they are super-fresh looking and would love to start a trend of these!!!  Shall we?!

Here are the “typical” color therapy color uses.  I have added my own italics to add a few other meanings and symbolism attributed to these colors.

Color Therapy Colors 

color therapy glassesRed :  Strength, pioneering spirit, courage, alertness, sense of power, vitality, overcoming negative thoughts. stimulating energy, helping with survival issues, sexy… 

Orange:  Social confidence, cheerfulness, resourcefulness, enjoyable relationships. second chakra issues relating to sex and finances

Yellow:  Concentration, mental clarity, optimism. stability, sunshine and intuition-building, as well as dealing with “gut” issues. 

Green:  Balance, peace, stress reduction, calmness, self control, hope. creativity, growth, healing physically, increasing the desire for physical and mental flexibility 

Aqua (Turquoise):  Openness, confidence, relaxation, soothing feeling, sensitivity. cooling, increasing emotional awareness. 

Blue:  Mental relaxation, peace, calmness, vitality, creativity, clear communication. confidence, putting yourself first. 

Indigo:  Serenity, imagination, accurate perception, understanding, strong deep sleep. more creative vision & intuition. 

Violet (Purple):  Inspiration, calm nerves, reduced irritation, creativity, beauty. individual power separate from groups, spirituality 

Magenta (Rose):  Relaxing, soothing, gentle, balance of emotions (both over and under emotional) moves dreams into actions, a color of making things happen. 


I am going to be sporting these specs around Los Angeles a bit (I will likely go no further than around my block, but we’ll see) and will report further on specific color results!  A fun way to play with color and maybe actually experience some wild benefits in the process?!


By the way, anecdotal its thought that if you stare at this wheel in its center, it will grow with the color that you respond to from your aura- or your “auric color.”  I include this as a bit of fun.  All I see when I look at it is dizzy!



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