6 Dreamy Artists I Just Discovered

May 28, 2013 | Life With Art


 (Andy Denzler) 

Art is my most favorite form of escape, and its always lovely when an image looks like a dream…! Today, I’ve pulled together 6 artists I just discovered, like Andy Denzler and his streaking, melting bouquet above, whose work is all very dreamy, in poignant ways. 


(Karen Knorr) 

How massively fantastic to see a stately bird just wandering through the halls of an architectural paradise like he lives there!  I an newly-obsessed with the work of Karen Knorr.

landon metz

(Landon Metz) 

Flowing yet substantial, layered yet smooth… Landon Metz makes art that feels like a percolating thought.

KwangHo Shin

(KwangHo Shin)

KwangHo Shin is the va-va-voom of this roundup, a real mega-dose of color and emotion, piercing and yet so hyper-blurred at the edges.


(Alex Diamond)

My visual heart belongs to the softness and material wealth of Alex Diamond’s watercolors.


(Robert Montgomery)

Robert Montgomery’s billboard pieces are next-level poetry that echo in my mind. Hauntingly beautiful, and they ring  so very true.


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