Shining Design: Metallic Mixes

May 28, 2013 | Home Style



Lately, all that glitters is deeply attractive.  Metal is the feng shui element of focus, of curation, organization and much, much more that frees up clear space in your mind and your life, so a little metal never hurts.  Mixes of metallic shades add those layers of interest I hold so dear in my design-loving heart.  Here’s some mixed metal inspiration to get you thinking of shine in every which way possible.

mixed metals


A more muted version of metallic and metal energy in charcoal and chrome colors is divine.

gold silver


Golden, shimmering and sleek office design that has an undeniable richness even though it is so simple!



Toss some magical magenta in with gold and chrome and silver and you have my absolute favorite mix of magical elements.

gold silver

And, when you are looking for a steely neutral a very silver lavender can add warmth and metal energy to a room, while making it completely unique.

Do you mix metals in decor? In clothes?  I am excited to re-paint some picture frames to get my own metallic mix going!



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