Feng Shui Q & A: Will Chinese Coins Bring Me Money?

May 30, 2013 | Feng Shui 101

A reader asked a really excellent question about feng suhi and money: ” I read about Feng Shui few years ago.. That time I had read about the relation between Chinese coins and wealth.. But I did not find anything about this on your blog.. Does it really work???”

My Answer:

Our minds are able to assign importance to objects and events and fulfill prophesies, though its not sustainable unless you are constantly adding more talisman or continually feeding them with importance since, inherently, they have no power.  So, if you are told that coins will bring you money and you invest enough importance in that talisman, it probably will temporarily work.

The sad thing is that each time you invest power in a talisman or someone else’s prophesy, you take yourself father away from your own power, your own ability to shape your future and the development of a sound and stable and awesome life.

Here’s the question I ask: If your money can be influenced by the presence of coins or strings in a house, what kind of business do you really have? Can coins or strings of “luck” sustain the building of a business, a prosperous career, life or family? NOPE.

HERE is why you won’t find coins, strings or other “luck” talisman stuff on this blog or anywhere in my work. I would never sell you out like that.  Its a great big sham, all tolled. I’d rather see you invest time in wisdom, art and creativity, in making shifts that affect your psychology and even biology in meaningful ways.  I’m sure you’d prefer that, too!


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  1. Ken

    Which style feng shui do you practise Dana? Blackhat(bagua) or compass?


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