10 Ideas To Live More Artfully

May 31, 2013 | Creativity

dan colen

(Dan Colen’s famed bubble gum canvasses prove art is what you make of it!) 

Artful living. That’s the goal.  When you are living artfully, you are always replenishing your inspiration, energy and motivation.  You do not need to be an artist to be a lover of lifestyle.  Living with a bit of artistry mixed into your normal routine can replenish and revitalize you!

dan colen

(Dan Colen)

Artful living is not dependent on money.  I’ve lived more artfully penniless than flush with cash, so its certainly not a financial issue.  Artful living requires that you let go of a bit of perceived control in day-to-day life and, at the very least, decide that you are worth the small, nice things that an artful lifestyle involves!  You are worth it! So… here are a handful of ideas to make your world a bit more robust, enriched and special!

 food and wine

(Food & Wine) 

1. Style beautiful plates of food. Stick up on fresh parsley, lemons and the like.  Dress up a plate with pops of color that are also nutritious!

2. Go see a film at a small local theater. Those revival theaters are a unique experience.  If you are not lucky enough to have a revival theater near you, what about a local play? Local music?


3. Get a pet, or become more observant and bonded to your own pet!  The manifold benefits of being a pet parent are impossible to ignore!

4. Upgrade your bed sheets. Simple: get better sheets.   Chemical free, untreated sheets.  You can find great deals on linens all over the Internet, but its always nice to shop locally and feel and see the sheets you are buying. Light neutrals are great for summer & spring.

coffee art 5. Buy pens you love to write with.  I happen to favor a pen that is dirt cheap at the moment, though I have had a proclivity for quite expensive pens in the past.  Buy some fun pens and test drive them to find one that thrills you to hand-write more- its a dying art!

6. Bump up the quality of your morning tea or coffee. Upgrade to a new tea that has another layer of interest, or a more complex coffee blend.  Its not frivolous most times- quality is something you can smell and taste.

7. Pull random books off the library shelves (poetry, mechanics, history, you name it!) and indulge in them… or write your own poems!


8. Keep crayons on the kitchen table. Don’t you love those restaurants where you can write on the table.  If you stick a drawing pad and crayons in the center of your kitchen table, well, you will likely draw more…and so will your friends and family.  Its not a “usual” idea, but who wants usual?!

9. Send thank you notes. Basic, simple, but so overlooked!

10. Adopt new words. HERE is my ultimate post about using new vocabulary words. It is essential to keep expanding the scope of your language.  Either it is expanding…or dwindling.  When your vocabulary expands, so does your engagement in the world.

And decide to make the best out of every day and each experience!!!



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  1. Lyna J

    #4. Can you offer any recommendations on specific websites where I might find high quality chemical free, untreated sheets? =)


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